Lactospey Baby

Lactospey® Baby

Lactospey® Baby a combination of beneficial probiotic bacteria, designed for children from the first days of life and adults.

Instructions for use

Each sachet contains:

Active ingredients: 

  • Bifidobacteria BB-12® 1.0 billion CFU **
  • Streptococcus thermophilic 1.0 billion CFU **
  • Inulin 25 mg

Amount of Bacteria present at the time of manufacture.

Excipients: crystalline glucose.

Lactosepey® Baby should be taken in the following indications:

Lactospey® Baby is a probiotic product, developed especially for young children. It contains carefully selected strains of lactic acid bacteria, promotes food digestion and the absorption of all useful food ingredients.

Oral, during a meal.

One month old infants – 1 sachet per day.

Children older than 1 year – 1-2 sachet per day.

Dissolve contents of sachet in 50 ml of water, milk juice or another type of baby food. Do not mix the contents of the sachet with hot beverages – the product temperature should not be above 35 ° C.

The duration of the treatment depends on the cause of the disorder and the individual characteristics of the organism.

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