The drug regulates the balance of the vaginal flora.

Instructions for use

Each soft gelatin capsule for vaginal use contains:

Lactobacillus spores 600 million.

Gynolactospey® should be taken in the following indications:

  • normalization of impaired microflora and pH of the vagina;
  • prevention and treatment of diseases caused by the imbalance of the vaginal microflora, including with bacterial vaginosis (as part of complex therapy), nonspecific vulvovaginitis, hormonal vaginitis;
  • correction of local immunity in the complex therapy of acute and chronic diseases of the female genital sphere;
  • correction of urinary tract dysbiosis, including inflammatory disease of the urethra with infectious and non-infectious nature;
  • prevention of infections after gynecologic surgery, preparation for gynecologic surgery;
  • prenatal preparation of pregnant women with pelvic inflammatory disease in risk degree;
  • resuming of physiologically normal microflora after topical or system treatment by antibiotic drugs;


Before use, the suppository is freed from the contoured package. One vaginal suppository is inserted into the vagina, lying on the back with slightly bent legs.

With therapeutic purpose: 1 vaginal capsule twice daily (morning and evening) for 7 days. If necessary, the course of treatment can be extended.

For prophylaxis: 1 vaginal capsule 1 time a day at bedtime for 7-14 days.

Treatment and / or prevention should be performed immediately after menstruation.

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