Lactospey® normalizes intestinal microflora. Included in the product Lactobacillus is able to colonize the intestine because they are components of the natural microflora.

They produce organic acid and products with antibiotic activity and contribute to the stimulation of the immune system, increasing resistance to adverse environmental factors, including viruses and pathogens.

Live lactic acid bacteria are a normal part of the natural intestinal flora. Lactospey® delivers them to the intestines.

Product line


Normalizes intestinal microflora

  • has bactericidal activity
  • complex of beneficial microflora
  • helps stimulate the immune system
  • normalizes microflora
  • enhances immune reactivity
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Lactospey® Enteric Ecol

Helps to control acute diarrhea and colitis in adults and children

  • contains beneficial micro-organisms
  • valid in combination with any antibiotic
  • contains lactic acid bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract
  • helps to stop the symptoms of acute and chronic diarrhoea
  • reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria
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Lactospey Enteric Ecol

Laktospey® Kids

Biological protection of the normal microflora and the intestinal mucosa

  • contains the probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii
  • helps to restore normal intestinal microflora at dysbacteriosis
  • favorably affect the internal secretion of the intestine
  • increases the activity of digestive enzymes
  • neutralizes the effect of toxins
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Lactospey Kids

Lactospey® Baby

Builds and restores intestinal microflora in children with the first days of life

  • optimizes digestive processes
  • stimulates non-specific immunity
  • inhibits the growth of pathogenic flora in the intestine
  • eliminates the violation of stool, bloating, flatulence, intestinal colic
  • lactose free
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Lactospey Baby


Live lactobacilli to protect women’s health

  • has antagonistic activity against wide spectrum of bacteria
  • improves metabolic processes
  • contribute to the restoration of natural immunity
  • metaboliziruet glycogen in vaginal epithelium to lactic acid
  • creates unfavorable conditions for the life kislotostabilen bacteria
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The effectiveness of positive result of application Lactospey® shows the contained elements. 5 billion live dried bacteria. They colonize the intestines, counteracting pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract.

Stability proved a more rapid onset of effect and long preservation of action of the drug, which allows in short time to get rid of the dysbiosis. The reproduction of useful microflora in the intestine and prevent the re-manifestation of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

A high level of security Lactospey® shown the possibility of use of the drug in all groups of patients, the absence of contraindications, absolute, drug compatibility, and ease of use for all age groups.

The usefulness Lactospey® shown the General action of the drug in the human body. Improves the growth of saprophytic microflora, increases the number of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, enhances the synthesis of fatty acids and the liver, reduces cholesterol in plasma.

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